Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Action Sports Photos- Dec 2010

Skateboarding!  The camera came out again today to capture some sports action shots which include some great skateboarding scenes in the pipe and more. I am adding to this blog before the year 2010 ends. It is good to see that the rain eased up a bit also.

The Pipe- These action shots were taken in the pipe near the end of the day when the lighting was a little less than ideal.

 Canon EOS 7D, 50mm focal length, 1/2000 sec,  f2.0, ISO 800, no flash
  View this picture in high resolution and similar pictures in my gallery:

 Canon EOS 7D, 50mm focal length, 1/2000 sec,  f2.0, ISO 800, no flash


The BMX Riders were also out today along with the skateboarders. It was not uncommon to see someone on a board and then later on a bike. It was impressive to see the enthusiasm, skill, and energy levels all combined, and the notable encouragement from many parents, supporters and friends that were present.

                                                                "Lone Rider"

Canon EOS 7D, 50mm focal length, 1/500 sec,  f6.3, ISO 100, no flash


Silhouette of a young boarder taking on the pipe near the end of the day before the sun set. On the other end of the tunnel just above the railing were the cheering and encouraging (most likely family) supporters. The last of the sunlight peering through the tunnel made for a good contrast with the natural shadows.

                                                           "Solo Boarder"

Canon EOS 7D, 50mm focal length, 1/8000 sec,  f1.8, ISO 100, no flash
  View this picture in high resolution and similar pictures in my gallery:


"Justin having fun on his BMX bike"

Wow!  What more can I say? This was one of the BMX riders that stood out from the rest at Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park in San Jose, CA when shooting for the day. The park, at 68,000 square feet also features the world's largest cradle, tallest vert wall, and largest full pipe and has the attention of many enthusiasts and professionals enjoying their moment on the course. There was never a dull moment when photographing Justin and his friends. These two images capture just two of the memorable ones on camera.

Canon EOS 7D, 65mm focal length, 1/500 sec,  f9.0, ISO 200, no flash


"Justin getting some air"

Getting some air off the ramp-  This second photograph illustrates the air Justin catches after accelerating at high speed off the ramp. It takes experience, passion, confidence, and guts to champion and conquer this course. When photographing Justin I see all of these attributes. Some of his rallying supporters were behind him and present also which was nice to see.
Canon EOS 7D, 18mm focal length, 1/500 sec,  f5.6, ISO 100, no flash



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Friday, December 10, 2010

Inspirational Pics- Photos that Inspire-

                                                  " The Lone Oak Tree"

Thank you for taking the time to visit this blog. Wow, this year went by fast. It is hard to believe that 2011 is just a few weeks away. I begin this thread and blog by having committed to frequent updates and I will continue to add many photos from my ever expanding collection. Along the way I hope to learn new things (like how to blog better) and experience and grow as an amateur photographer.

It is always a thrill to find a unique moment in time that I can capture behind the lens of my camera. What is also rewarding to me is having a memory associated with every photograph that I take. Whether I was with a loved one, witnessing a special moment, or viewing an awesome sunset, the end result is inspiring.

For the time being, I'm just a guy who enjoys photography and sharing my work. I hope that you will also appreciate my work and share it with others.

May you be inspired as I have been.


   "The Lone Oak" - Image taken with Panasonic FZ28, 1/320 sec @ f5.6, ISO 160
           This image may also be found in my gallery below in hi-resolution
                                                      "The Lone Oak"

**************************                                         ************************

Sunsets are one of the most amazing moments to capture. The setting sun on almost any given month over the northern California beaches can be quite spectacular. An added surprise are the mysterious cloud formations that can change at the slightest reversal of wind direction. I really enjoyed watching the sun peak through the clouds, and slowly dissapear over the horizon.

Find this in hi-resolution and other sunsets and photos in my nature gallery
Nature Gallery- Inspirational Pics

Canon EOS 7D, 80mm focal, 1/500 sec, f7.1, ISO 100

***************************                                          ***************************

                                                   " Hummingbird Feeding"

Hummingbirds flap their wings up to 90 times per second and are among the smallest of birds. They are the only known species of bird able to fly backward. Being at the right place at the right time with a camera can make or break a shot. This little bird was a mere few feet from from me as I walked down Ocean Avenue in downtown Carmel, California. I was fortunate to get a quick few shots off while he was hovering before he flew away to his next destination. A quiet precious seconds and having the correct settings adjusted on the camera made all the difference to enable me to get this image.

                             Canon EOS 7D, 55mm focal, 1/500 sec,  f10, ISO 400, shutter priority
Find this in hi-resolution and other similar pictures in my gallery at: 

*****************************                                          *************************

                                         "Central Park NYC Horse and Carriage"

Central Park NYC - It happened to snow this day, and I admit I was a little nervous trying to keep the camera and gear from the elements. I composed this shot at the outer perimiter of the park just before the sun started to go down, and after the snow had stopped. What a beautiful park. One thing that amazed me was to see all of the people jogging, running and biking throughout the park in such weather.

Panasonic FZ28 75mm, 1/160 sec @ f4.0, ISO 400   
Find this and other hi-resolution pictures in my gallery

**********************************                             ********************************

"Cigar Break"

A Silhouette. This shot was composed with just enough night time lighting in an alley just off Bourbon Street in the French Quarter which is the oldest and most famous neighborhood in the city of New Orleans. I stepped up the ISO numbers to 3200 to capture this moment- 

                    Canon EOS 7D, 264 mm focal length, 1/60 sec,  f4.5, ISO 3200, no flash
  View this picture in high resolution and similar pictures in my gallery:

**********************************                             ********************************

                                                          "Shower Time"

Horses are beautiful animals. Sometimes a nice shower after a hard workout is quite refreshing. He seemed to really like the cool water.

 - Canon EOS 7D, 211 mm focal length, 1/100 sec,  f14, ISO 100
          View this in high resolution and other similar pictures in my gallery:

Objects Gallery - Inspirational Pics

**********************************                             ********************************


The Golden Gate Bridge connects the northern tip of the San Francisco Peninsula to Marin County and was built in 1937. It is a remarkable site. The surrounding views are breath taking, including the panoramic view of the city, the shores, sail boats, Angel Island and more. No wonder this bridge has been declared as one of the modern wonders of the world. On this particular day the rolling fog came in as I  prepared for the shot. The resulting image above separates this days' shoot from others.

Canon EOS 7D, 190 mm focal length, 1/50th sec,  f7, ISO 200
View this picture in hi-resolution and similar pictures in my Objects Gallery below:

Objects Gallery- Inspirational Pics

**********************************                             ********************************

Hiking in canyons can find you surprises if you are curious and courageous enough to brave and avoid ticks, poison oak, and snakes while off the beaten path. I discovered this interesting relic (or treasure) and photo opportunity while doing just that. With my camera in one hand and while hanging on to a branch in the other hand off a steep hill surrounded by thousands of poisan oak plants, I made it down the grade to safely to set up this shot. Had I lost my grip on that branch, I would have spiraled down the embankment face first into poison oak. So these are the types of memories, though not typical that I have to cherish.
Panasonic FZ28, 1/13th sec @ f2.8, ISO 400
View this picture in high resolution and similar pictures in my Objects Gallery below:
Objects Gallery- Inspirational Pics

**********************************                             ********************************

Cows. There must have been hundreds of them along the freeway grazing together. Another great memory to share about this shot. With camera in hand I sprinted accross multiple lanes of heavy freeway traffic to snap this photo. I was running because the cows were moving further away from me and rather quickly. This one cow however, remained nearer to me than the others, standing just inside the barbed wire fence as I continued to race forward to get my close-up shot of him. For a moment he seemed like he was posing for me. Well, I must have bothered or spooked him because just when I got in to my position to take the camera shot he took off as fast as he could like a hooked salmon, then turned around on a dime to face me, staring me down, rapidly pawing at the field hay and snorting loudly. I am glad the fence separated us. I squeezed the button.
Panasonic FZ28, 1/200th sec @ f5.0, ISO 100
View this picture in hi-resolution  and similar pictures in my Nature Gallery below:

Nature Gallery- Inspirational Pics

**********************************                             ********************************

Flowers- This may be just my creative thinking or even feelings kicking in at a deeper level of introspection but my growing enthusiasm for photography certainly is a catalyst for a greater perspective on the beauty of nature. More specifically, flowers are beautiful and when you stop and take the time to look at them and understand them they are what they are. Flowers are beautiful. I wish I could spend more time learning their names and more about them. The wind and camera settings like shutter speed and light are important to play around with and understand when shooting a macro of a flower.

Panasonic FZ35, 1/80th sec, 50mm focal @ f3.2, ISO 80, no flash
View this picture in hi-resolution and similar pictures in my Nature Gallery below:

**********************************                             ********************************

Sunsets- can be spectacular depending on many factors. The sun, the clouds, and even the wind (which alters the movement of water and the clouds), and our imagination all play an important factor in what we see as the sun slowly sinks over the ocean in those final glimpses. A suns' reflection can also be quite dramatic. What I saw with a little imagination this day was the resemblance of a cross out in the water. I am glad I didn't miss this one. Some moments are priceless with no more words to explain the beauty in what you see.

Panasonic FZ28, 1/400th sec, 28mm focal @ f7.1, ISO 100, no flash
View this picture in hi-resolution and similar pictures in my Nature Gallery below:

**********************************                             ********************************

Old Shoes- Use your imagination when you are out searching for subjects to shoot. Your imagination and creativity plays a large factor in discovering that next great subject to shoot in order to get that great next shot. At least that is how I see it. The resulting image of these old shoes has received some compliments, which sometimesare that spark that inspires the photographer to find that next object to capture behind the lens.
Canon EOS 7D, 50mm, 1/500 sec,  f1.8, ISO 3200, shutter priority
Find this in hi-resolution and other similar pictures in my gallery at:

Object Gallery- Inspirational Pics

**********************************                             ********************************

Sports Action Photography is fast moving and exciting. When behind the lens it is important to have the right camera angle, positioning, aperture, ISO and shutter speed settings, all working in your favor to capture your best images. I took this shot just before it started to rain. The conditions were not ideal, with lackluster natural lighting and limited time for the shoot. Needless to say, I made the best of it and was glad that I made it out.

Canon EOS 7D, 30mm, 1/640th sec,  f4.0, ISO 640, no flash
View this in hi-resolution and other pictures at the gallery below:

**********************************                             ********************************

Simplicity. Have you ever noticed a photograph that caught your attention without the clutter of the busy surroundings? This photograph represents just that. This simple image of a common city hydrant doesn't take your eyes off anything but the fire hydrant. I particularly liked the color contrasts and decided to share this shot.
Canon EOS 7D, 105mm, 1/640th sec,  f4.5, ISO 1000, no flash
View this in hi-resolution and other pictures at the gallery below:

Object Gallery- Inspirational Pics

**********************************                             ********************************

"Street Scene Ocean Avenue"

Detail and Composition. If you take a closer look at the smaller details in this photograph you can't help but notice the dog dish in front of Tiffanys. Can you name another Tiffany outlet let alone an entire city as accomodating for canines and their leash towing owners as Carmel, California, the city many label as the most dog friendly city in the world? The answer is probably no. I hope you enjoy this photograph including the finer almost unnoticed details.

Canon EOS 7D, 85mm, 1/125th sec,  f5.0, ISO 125, no flash
View this imqge in hi-resolution and other pictures at the gallery below:

Black and White Gallery- Inspirational Pics




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