Monday, February 14, 2011

Monthly Inspirational Photos- Happy Valentines Day 2011

Thank you for visiting my blog. May the 2011 year ahead be a special year for all of you. I wish you happiness, peace, joy and love. Don't forget your new years resolutions and spending time with your loved ones and those special to you. 


Here below are some reminders of Valentines day celebrated by many the weekend nearest to Valentines day, February 14th of each year. Below you see a few hearts, a sunset and the beauty along the beach shores of Northern California and Carmel....It seems more like a weekend in the spring than it does a weekend in the winter doesn't it?  Enjoy!

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Etched in a rock at Carmel Beach for Valentines Day - 2011

Hearts...Are a reminder of Valentines Day- Along the majestic shoreline of the annual AT&T Pro AM golf tournament at Pebble Beach are cliffs made of hard sandstone along the Carmel Beach shore. I found this little heart and a few more etched in the sand while strolling down the beach. Just in time for the big day tomorrow.

Heart #2- Etched in the Carmel Beach Rocks

A trip south down the hi-way 1 coast reveals these footprints and scene.

Carmel Beach Sunset - Feb 12th 2011

A lone Kayaker.. makes his way in the beautiful Carmel Beach ocean waters as the sun sets in the cold water during a warm weather front.

 A child's Flip Flop on the beach.

Happy Love Day- 2011

Happy Love Day!  While it lasted and before the surf kicked up and swept this away, a little creativity in the sand and one more reminder of Valentine's Day.

Carmel Beach Rocks

The rocks along the cliffs under the Pebble Beach Golf course where people carve their thoughts.

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