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California Rodeo Pictures Bronc Riding, Bull Riding - Inspirational Photos

Thank you for visiting this blog. These one of a kind digital photos have now been added in the Action Sports Gallery found on the link at http://www.inspirationalpics.com/.

The photographs below are a small sampling which represent some of the world's most renown Rodeo professionals. From the few hours and angles that I had for this shoot and the sunlight conditions, I hope that you enjoy these photos. One regret is that I do not have the names of the individuals represented in these action shots.

                                     Bareback Bronc Riding- Action Sports Gallery

Bareback Bronc Riding- After the initial jump out of the chute, the
cowboy aligns his spurs above the horse's shoulders, until the horse's feet hit the ground. If the rider fails, touches the horse, himself or his equipment with his free hand, he is disqualified. Dangerous, exciting, and the most physically demanding event at the Rodeo, this event always draws a good crowd and the coyboys are amazing to watch.

                                        Saddle Bronc Riding - Action Sports Gallery

Saddleback Bronc Riding- Like Bronc Riding the Saddleback Bronc Rider must follow strict guidelines to remain qualified. From the first jump out of the chute the cowboy's feet must touch the shoulders of the horse on the first jump which is referred as a "mark out." Failure to do so or "missing the mark" results in a no score mark and disqualification. Judges score on the horses bucking action, the rider's control over the horse and the spurring action. The goal is to remain on the bronc for eight seconds and score high.

                                 Saddle Back Bronc Riding- Action Sports Gallery

Bull Riders -  Like the bronc and saddleback bronc riders the bull rider must hang on with one hand only and the goal is the same at eight harowing seconds on the bull. If the rider's free hand touches either the bull or himself, the score is zero. Common scores are judged on the mere ability for the rider to stay on the bull and the cowboys are not required to "mark out."

The Unpredictable Bull is just that. No one out there in the arena is out of dangers way unless they are on the opposite side of the fence from the bull. The bull is powerful, massive, explosive, and can change directions in micro seconds. No bull has the same bucking patterns.

Steer Wrestling- Also referred to in rodeos as Bulldogging is a race against the clock for cowboys to compete against each other on time. Bulldoggers charge out of the chute on their horse with a hazer to keep the steer running straight without turning. The goal of the bulldogger or steer wrestler is to jump off the right side of the horse which is traveling about 30mph, wrap his right arm around the steer's right horn, all while holding the left horn with his left hand and bring down the steer. When the steer's four feet are pointing in the same direction and the animal is on it's side, the clock stops. This event is the quickest event in the rodeo and times are recorded in a matter of seconds.

We hope that you enjoyed these photos and the professionals and world class champions that are shown in these images. View more sports action and hi-resolution photography by visiting www.inspirationalpics.com


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