Saturday, October 8, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Zuccotti Park Images and one of a kind HDR photos

Thank you for visiting this blog. These one of a kind digital photos feature beautiful photographs and HDR images from Zuccotti Park, in Lower Manhattan NYC.

At the time of this blog posting, one can turn on the television set on any given day, or read in the newspaper about the daily developments occuring at Zuccotti Park,  formerly named Liberty Plaza or Liberty Park.  Since September 17th of this year the half acre plus park has transformed in to a daily operations center, protest camp and living quarters for many of the protesters referred as a collective group with the theme "Occupy Wall Street".

More recent and public concerns have been focused on the sanitary conditions of the park. Zuccotti Park normally is inspected and cleaned every week night but the grounds have not been cleaned since Sept 16th.

The images below were taken October 6th and represent some of the individuals who were present at Zuccotti Park this morning.

Occupy Wall Street Zuccotti Park HDR-  The above and below images were taken on Oct 6th 2011. The photographs capture the expressions and intensity on the faces of a collective group of people at Zuccotti Park on this morning.

                                              Occupy Wall Street Zuccotti Park HDR

                                             Occupy Wall Street Zuccotti Park HDR

                                                     Occupy Wall Street Zuccotti Park

                                 Occupy Wall Street Zuccotti Park HDR Black and White

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